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Trade Directory

This Directory includes companies that are in the process of adapting to international standards and therefore were classified as follows:

Current Exporter

01A company that is already exporting to one or several international markets, interested in consolidating or diversifying its exports. It has the ability to respond to a purchase order immediately.

Indirect Exporter

02Is a company that supplies products to another one where the second is responsible for marketing them abroad or incorporation into other goods for export.

Potential Exporter

02A company that is well prepared to supply international markets. Even though it is neither exporting nor has exported in the past, it has the ability to respond to a purchase order almost immediately.

Developing Exporter

03A company in the process of becoming a successful exporter following the guidelines laid out by the Centro Pymexporta in areas of training, advice, fitness products, formation of the export price, among others.

Each company is responsable for the information provided.